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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 9, 2013
My wife needs deliverance from evil foreboding and clamour, division, idolatry and pride. It is very strong on her and has cause insurmountalbe damage in our 20 year union. Recently, she seriously attempted to divorce me to start dating a minister she friended on Facebook two months ago. Thank God that did not prosper! BUt now more than ever, we need prayer for restoration and healing of our marriage. My wife also needs prayer concerning her relationship with the Lord. She needs Him now more than ever! And please pray for a divine intervention from the Lord for me. Ive battled this for 20 years and we really need intervention to stop what's going on. Thank you.
michelle t. Post
February 27, 2013
Nay R. Post
February 3, 2013
Could you say a prayer for my triplet sister Faye dean Knight she is a cancer patient now in hospital in Charlotte nc at CMC main going for a biopsy in the morning to see what is growing out of her head she has been battling cancer since March 6 2012. Doctor said if the cancer was inside her head come out we got to talk can't do another surgery.. I know God can heal her she has faith and so do I and my triplet sister naye dean my name is Maude dean
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 24, 2013
Please pray for soul mate decided to leave our relationship.please. Pray reconciliation...tina and Edward
Kelli D. Post
January 10, 2013
Please pray for a former employee of mine who is looking for a job. Thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 6, 2013
My 1 month old baby came from NICU and his many internal organs was damaged in NICU and God has healed him and I request complete healing for my son Oliver emmanuel.we tried to feed many types of formula, he throws up and has diareah.I am so worried because he cant keep no formula, he has still has gall stones, infection in lungs,respiratory, throat infection,sepsis,infalmation, pressure in heart and lungs, enlarge heart,,bed sores with pus and infection . he has been tried ahigh antibiotics by doctors. He is anemic as well. Please pray for my baby and his complete healing.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 27, 2012
Not sure if my past message posted. Please pray for my grandson's father. He was in an accident and in danger of loosing his leg. Please pray that God would save his leg.
Cynthia M. Post
December 23, 2012
Dear Rev Janice, I'm a part of your Thurs Bible study and am in great need of your prayers. My bf of 18 months just broke up with me because he does not love me, and I've barely worked for 3 yrs (forced out of a great job due to depression from an awful divorce six yes ago). My friends likewise seem unavailable due to their family commitments. I feel so very alone and desperate. Xmas makes this seem so much harder, I feel so very lonely, worthless and unwanted. I'm trying to pray for the love of Jesus, pls help me feel his love. Bless you, Cynthia
Sandhy C. Post
November 7, 2012
Please pray for Sailendrasingh (Sailen) a young father of 38 years having 3 kids under age for the deliverance of alcohol. He is addicted to alcohol drinks and needs deliverance. Recently he has been admitted for 2 weeks in hospital for jaundice and has been asked to quit alcohol. He did it for hardly a month and collapsed this week end. His family is much suffering and mostly the kids. Please pray for his deliverance of alcohol. He wants to quit alcohol and i believe that our heavenly father will work in his heart and deliver him from this alcohol. Please pray for him. Many thanks in advance and god bless you all.
Stanly G. Post
August 2, 2012
Please pray for my daughter Hannah 29 years suffering from acute asthma to be healed by Jesus and her child Chris Samuel 2 and half years old to be healed from skin allergy. Kindly Pray. God Bless you.
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